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Family forever.

Today I wanted to share with you a special foil print that a lovely lady named Shirley asked us to create as a sentimental gift for her sister.

Shirley liked the idea of a 'family tree' print; incorporating her sister and brother-in-law as the parents at the 'top of the tree' with their children and also grandchildren below between the tree's branches. So after explaining exactly what she was looking for, she gave us the names we needed and we started the design process.

Little did we know, this was no ordinary family tree... Shirley explained that three of the people on the family tree were sadly no longer with us. Shirley and TBFC wanted to ensure the 3 loved ones were remembered in a very special way and we came up with the idea of subtle stars at the sides of their names, to remind us that they are shining over Shirley and her loved ones daily.

Shirley and her family were over the moon with the print and we were thrilled to be able to create such a sentimental foil print that could be cherished forever.

Here is the finished foil print in the ever-popular rose gold foil...

Family Tree prints are coming to the site soon however if you'd like to order one, please send us a message via Facebook, Instagram or email.

Thanks for reading,

Ashley x

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