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Giving the gift of foil...

Hi guys!

Welcome to our blog (our very first post) - a place where we want to talk "all things foil" and keep you in the loop as to what The Bespoke Foil Company get up to!

As some of you may know, we offer a service where you can work with us to create a bespoke print which we then go on to foil. A few weeks ago we were approached by a lovely lady named Keilly who, along with her brother, wanted to give their parents a special gift for their Ruby Wedding anniversary this August - yes that's 40 years married - amazing right?!

Anyway, Keilly had an idea which was to use a lovely photograph of her parents dancing and asked us if we could re-create the photo in foil. I'm not going to lie, we were a little anxious at first as it was something we hadn't tried yet (we had discussed it but put it to the back of our minds for now) and we also didn't want to disappoint the customer!

We started to work on the piece and first had to ensure the photo from Keilly was 'high resolution'. These types of prints work best when we either have a hard copy of the photo (old school, we know) or we have the photo taken directly from the customers phone camera - none of this 'screenshot from facebook' business - which of course we are all guilty of!

Here is a preview of the original photo - if this image doesn't represent "true love" then i really don't know what does...

Original image for foil print
Original image for foil print

And here is the finished piece; complete with 'Ruby red' foil to give that 'extra special' touch.

Bespoke Ruby Wedding Anniversary Foil Print
Bespoke Ruby Wedding Anniversary Foil Print

We would like to wish Mr and Mrs Blakeley a wonderful wedding anniversary for the 12th August and wish them many more happy years together.

If you'd like more information on our Bespoke Foil Prints get in touch or view here.

We'd be more than happy to help and love a challenge!

Thanks for reading,

Ashley x

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