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Our newest print 'Song Lyrics Vinyl Record Print' is quickly becoming our best-seller!

Hi everybody!

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are out of the way, who else is in full on Christmas mode?! These dark nights and mornings are definitely making it harder to get up now. I'm so ready for Spring and we're only a week in. The clocks going back have definitely affected Tommy's routine too! Suddenly he wants to wake up and play/sing/shout at 6am and we're not feeling it I'll be honest lol. Good job he is cute :-)

Anyway back to business! So since their launch just three weeks ago, one of our new foil prints Song Lyrics Vinyl Record Print has been flying off the shelves. It's always a nerve-wracking time pushing a new template but this has definitely been a star seller! Usually our sales are dominated by woman (sorry guys!) but this template is proving to be really popular with the men too! Winner!

They come in rose gold, silver or gold and when framed they look ultra premium! They're the perfect gift for any music lover. Imagine the look on your Secret Santa's face when they receive one of these in their stocking this year :-)

Song Lyrics Vinyl Record Foil Print

Speaking of Santa... if you're feeling organised why not take a look at our new Christmas collection for 2021? Whether you're updating your own decor or looking to treat somebody you love this year, we're sure there's a perfect foil print for you to choose.

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There's some Black Friday deals coming very, very soon!

Take care lovelies and enjoy the rest of your weekend

Ashley x

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