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Thank You Teachers!

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Hi everybody!

I hope you’re all as well as can be. Things are still a little strange aren’t they? I don’t know about you guys but I cannot wait to give my loved ones a hug.

It’s that time of year again and our Thank You Teacher prints are back! It’s actually scary how quick Summer has come around this year.

Whilst these prints are on our site throughout the year, we’ve been selling so many throughout May and June via our website and our Etsy shop. Here’s the link to our shop if you’d like to have a browse:

As an ex-teaching assistant myself, I can only imagine how teachers and TA’s have felt since the global pandemic began. The heart of the job is being in schools and those students are at the forefront of what staff do and most importantly why they do it. Early mornings, late evenings and not to mention weekends and school holidays spent planning!

I have so many friends on my personal social media channels expressing their difficulty of home-schooling their children and it’s not surprising. It isn’t an easy job to do at all and all educational staff have my utmost respect.

Many teachers have been continuing to work to teach the children of key workers and whenever they aren’t actively teaching or in school, they are busy organising home/school work for all students and I know many have even gone to lengths such as phone calls/Face-times to check in on their pupils - now that’s care!

Lots of you lovely parents and guardians have contacted us to order ‘Thank You Teacher’ prints with an added personal touch and many of you have ordered them with references to ‘bubbles’ and ‘Lockdown 2020’ on - this has been such a significant school year and it’s hopefully one that we never have to experience again...

The foil prints are the perfect gift to give to a teacher or T.A. and as you can see from the image below, they look even more fabulous once framed!

We now also have a lot more foil colours in stock which is super exciting! Our foil colours currently are: gold, silver, copper, rose gold, black, rainbow, teal/turquoise, light pink, hot pink, deep blue, leopard and snake print.

When ordering a foil print, you have the option to have the print posted to you first (you may want to frame it yourself) or we can even post it directly to the member of staff and pop in a little gift note with the print to say who it’s from and an extra message should you wish.

Here is the full collection of our Teacher Prints:

So go on, make them smile and tell them Thank You for all they have done and all that they do.

Thanks for reading

Ashley x

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