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The Invisible Enemy

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

”Covid19 does not discriminate”. That’s what we are told. But in the space of three months my long-awaited hen do was cancelled, our wedding postponed after almost 3 years of planning and now the travel company I had worked for, for the past 3 years had gone into administration because of this invisible enemy that had affected millions of people in one way or another.

If you have been to visit me to have your little one’s hand and footprints taken, more often than not we got talking about my job and what I did full time between Monday to Friday (hence only being able to offer Handprint appointments at the weekends or during annual leave!). The majority of you will have heard me saying how I hoped to pursue The Bespoke Foil Company full time at “some point” in the future and I guess we have reached that point!

Yes, it’s a little daunting as it’s all happened so fast, but I honestly do believe that things truly happen for a reason and life has handed me a huge bunch of lemons right now. So it looks like I’m making lemonade by the bucketload!

Since being made redundant on the 22nd May, I have been jotting all my thoughts and ideas into my little notebook or my ‘Notes’ section on my iPhone - who doesn’t love a good list? Without giving too much away, lots of exciting things are to come that aren’t just print focussed - but all keeping with the ‘foil’ element of our brand and we are SO excited to share our new products with you lovely lot over the next few months.

Fingers (and toes) crossed that social distancing measures are eased soon, so that I can get back to advertising and offering Hand and Footprint appointments and this time round I will have TONS more availability to accommodate my customers which is really exciting!

It’s a real shame that wedding fayres have been unable to go ahead as of late as we have exhibited at two now and absolutely loved it each time - so the goal is to get ourselves booked into another very soon to showcase our stunning wedding stationery to all you lovely brides/grooms.

Despite the sadness I’ve felt over the past few months, I have big dreams for this business and I will continue to put my heart and soul into it as nothing worth having comes easy, right? I could not do this without my amazing other half Ryan who supports and pushes me and my ideas 100% and for this, I will be forever grateful.

I sincerely hope to meet some of you soon for appointments or chat with you at some point if there’s a foil print you have in mind!

Take care everybody and watch this space...

Ashley x

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1 comentário

Dawn Roberts
Dawn Roberts
03 de jun. de 2020

wishing you both all the very best for the future ❤💕 xxx

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