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See just how easy it is to take prints using our no-mess wipes and the end result!

Foil Handprint Kits

Our Foil Handprints are a truly sentimental way to celebrate the birth of your newborn or to simply remember a key age or milestone in your child's life.

How does it all work?

The process is so simple, allow us to explain in 6 simple steps!

Step 1

Take your little one's prints using our special inkless (no-mess) wipes and reactive paper provided within the kit we post out to you.

Step 2

Photograph the prints ensuring we can see all four corners of the paper on the picture, this allows us to get the scale perfect!

Step 3

Log back on to our site and upload your prints from your phone using our upload tool!

Step 4

From here we will edit and tidy up your prints so that they are pristine. Don't worry about smudges, we take care of this!

Step 5

We'll email you a digital proof with your chosen personalisation!


Step 6

Once approved we'll foil and post back to you ready for you to cherish always!


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