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A year of milestones!

Good morning everybody - I'm currently typing to you from a wet and miserable Sunday morning in Wigan. Yes the heatwave has well and truly left us it seems...

Today we wanted to showcase a special print that we have created this week for one of our lovely customers. Gemma contacted us in need of a personalised gift for her good friend's daughter's 1st birthday. Safe to say, we got to work straight away brainstorming possible ideas to commemorate such a big milestone!

Nowadays 1st birthdays are becoming ever more extravagant and people seem to be raising the bar sharing their little ones big day across social media. From cake smash photoshoots to cute personalised outfits, parents really are making a fuss about the occasion!

Gemma's print was to celebrate the birthday of Ella-Rose and it would be 'all things milestone' that Ella-Rose had reached within her first year - so precious! We decided to include number of teeth, favourite food, weight/height, words she can currently say and things she can do - including clap hands, dance, wave & blow kisses - my heart literally melted!

Gemma wanted to finish the print using rose gold foil (which everybody has literally gone crazy for since we introduced to our collection).

Here is a picture of Gemma's foil print and I'm sure you will agree, it's an adorable keepsake not only for Ella's mum, but also for Ella herself to look back on when she grows older!

First Birthday milestone foil print in rose gold
First Birthday milestone foil print in rose gold

We will be launching milestone prints on the website in the coming weeks so please keep your eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates! However if you do want to purchase one in the meantime please don't hesitate to get in touch or order a bespoke print here noting all requirements in the details section.

Thanks for reading,

Ashley x

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