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Two brothers, Two teams, One Family…

Good morning everybody! Writing to you today from a chilly morning in Wigan. I actually gave in this morning and put the heating on for all of 5 minutes... our pegging out days are well and truly over!

Today we wanted to tell you all about two prints we had been asked to do this week, for two brothers. Usually brothers have quite similar interests like the same tv shows, the same toppings on a pizza, same aftershave and so on. But not these two brothers! Despite having a strong bond, they also had a strong disagreement and it was all to do with football.

As a lot of us know, the football teams (or any teams for that matter) can be a massive subject under some roofs and on this occasion, it was no different for mum Kerry who approached The Bespoke Foil Company to create two foil prints for her lovely sons Max and James, ages 9 and 12.

Now here comes the interesting part... Max was Liverpool FC mad and James was all about Manchester United. Awkward! Anyway, we were excited to try something new with our designs and it gave us the opportunity to use our ruby red foil - the shine on this is AMAZING and i'm sure you will agree from the pictures it was the perfect shade of red for both prints!

Here is the finished result of both foil prints for Max and James (no personalisation on this occasion) and let me tell you, they were absolutely thrilled with them. Mum even told us that once the boys had opened up their prints there was a little argument over whose foil print was the best! Hilarious!

Manchester United and Liverpool FC Foil Print Crests
Both Crests looked amazing in our Ruby Red Foil!

Our Football Crest prints are just £8, so if like Kerry you have a battle of two teams under your roof, get in touch with us and we can see what we can create for you to keep the peace at home (for about 2 minutes!).

Why not try out our royal blue foil with Manchester City or Chelsea FC prints?

Thanks for reading,

Ashley x

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